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July 2017

Curadev files provisional patents in its STING program

May 2017

Professor Satyajit Rath joins Curadev’s Scientific Advisory Board. As Curadev attempts to drug early stage targets, its immuno-oncology research programs will benefit from Professor Rath’s deep and pragmatic insights into the workings of the immune system. A physician and pathologist by training, and an immunologist by profession completed his medical training at the universities of Pune and Mumbai and went on to do post-doctoral research in Europe and the USA before joining the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, in 1991, where he worked on the analysis of immune physiology till recently when he joined the faculty at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune. Dr. Rath's research interests focus on the molecular dissection of the physiological controls governing the generation and activation of T and B lymphocytes as well as cells of the myeloid lineage, using both genetic and pharmacological tools. In addition to the resultant original research papers, he writes extensively on issues in science and society and contributes to deliberations for the design of national science and technology-related policies.