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We are committed to creating an environment for our colleagues where they can thrive, learn and express themselves




Independent thinking


Striving for excellence

Core Values

Our Culture

Common to most of us at Curadev is a genuine urge to learn, to collaborate, to share and to teach. Individuals who enjoy challenges are likely to feel at home at Curadev. We strive to provide an interactive, open and non-hierarchical research environment that promotes creative thinking.

The goal of managers at Curadev is to empower the team and to bring out the best in these individuals, resulting in a sense of ownership in the collective success of our organization.

We are always on the lookout for those who share our values


Being a part of CURADEV

We are passionate about what we do and try to have fun while we do it. We organize various social activities during the year to rejuvenate and reward our colleagues for their commitment.


Drug discovery research is carried out in our modern chemistry, biology and animal pharmacology laboratories equipped with state of the art machines


We do our best to build team cohesion and provide a work environment that is enjoyable by organising various group events such as yoga, the fitness campaign, puzzle competitions and day trips


We believe in creating lasting experiences in the minds and hearts of our team members through celebrations of birthdays, work anniversaries, festivals  and important events such as Women’s Day

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